RegencyMod – Home ambience experts with 22 years of experience in both fragrance & vintage

Thank you so much for trusting us with the most important aspect of your beloved home… the ambience it conveys to you, your family, and your guests.

Fragrance lifts the spirit and elevates sensory perception. Beautiful luxury candles & fragrances transform any house into a welcoming invitation of warmth: a home full of harmony, vitality, and sophistication.

At RegencyMod, we guide you through our expertly-curated collection of the top-performing home fragrance brands renown for incredible performance and alluring aesthetic. We help you create that perfectly-balanced dream space you’ve always wanted but never knew quite how to achieve.

As for vintage barware, you ask? It seems like an odd pairing… Mid Century Modern barware and luxury home fragrances… But, thats precisely what is so unique about RegencyMod. For us, its all about the ambience. Imagine serving craft cocktails in stunning vintage barware by divinely-scented candlelight… Voila! You’ve just hosted the perfect evening. Luxury scented candles in Scottsdale.


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